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SAAZ AUR AWAAZ was formed in 1987 in Kuwait, and since then this group has been organizing live shows with celebrities, leading artistes, grooming, promoting new & upcoming talents.

Saaz Aur Awaaz is driven by a passion for all forms of arts including music, specializes in finding, screening, developing and connecting quality talent with music industry professionals. Having vast experience under its belt and have organized impressive shows with big names of the film industry.

Saaz Aur Awaaz is one of the leading group that strived to recreate the original music and rhythm. Our perseverance to maintain high standards of performance for the music lovers will always remain our ultimate goal. Our musical events appeal to the classes as well as the masses and is always attended by huge crowds of all tastes.

Since 2004 Saaz Aur Awaaz has been able to carve a niche for itself in conducting Bollywood events, we have been the only company in UAE that was the common workforce involved in the ‘Global Indian Film Awards’ as well as the prestigious ‘Indian International Film Awards’. We have also successfully executed high profile corporate events that have left its mark in the industry here.


Saaz Aur Awaaz has a young and dedicated team of professionals with a backing of tremendous experience in the field of Event Management by combining hospitality, entertainment, creativity and communication. We put your thoughts into reality - tailor made as per your requirements. We have perfected the art of entertainment through sheer hard work & we always strive to deliver better than the best. We ensure that your resources and staff are kept employed at their regular tasks and we plan & execute the entire Event on your behalf, taking away the burden from your shoulders.

We co-ordinate and execute every aspect of your entertainment, publicity and hospitality needs with unbelievable efficiency and energy. Be it Strategic, Technical or Creative, we have put together some of the best people to fulfill the needs of our clients.



Creating Unforgettable surroundings is what it is all about.


Saaz Aur Awaaz gives you the best technology the world has to offer, be it Lights, Sound, Stage, Pyrotechnics or Multi media Production.


Saaz Aur Awaaz provides complete lighting designs and consultation for live, televised and filmed productions. We are also involved in the development, planning and visualization of live concert lighting, theatrical stage lighting, outdoor area lighting, display lighting, search lights and aerial lights. We also custom design lighting patterns by incorporating gobos, power cans, computerized moving lights, follow spots, super troopers, roboscans and laser lighting.

We also provide for laser displays and techniques which include laser storyboards and pyrotechnics. We use water screens, LEDs and many other after effects to enhance our clients' visual experience as well.

By combining talent, technology and a dedication to service we aim at reshaping the artistry and economics of lighting design.


Saaz Aur Awaaz is equipped with the right expertise to handle state of the art live sound systems, theatrical sound reinforcement, wireless systems, remote recording, music playback and DJ systems. We have some of the most talented sound engineers in the industry working with us.

Saaz Aur Awaaz is experienced in handling State of the Art Live Sound Systems, Theatrical Sound Reinforcement, Wireless Systems, Remote Recording, Music Playback and DJ Systems and we have some of the most talented people in the industry with us in redundant to produce Sound for Live Concerts, Festivals, Fashion Shows, Advertising, Sports Events, etc.

Intelligent sound engineered by some of the best experts in the world Depending upon the seating designed.


From concept to completion we have the experience and the capability to satisfy all your production needs be they set design, custom fabrications, stage properties, performers, artists and technicians

Every little detail is taken into account by our production team during the designing phases and is then executed with precision.

Our production teams' services are known throughout the event and convention industry for using high quality materials in conjunction to high standards of service, timely response and a set standard of professionalism. Our staging division is equipped to provide the very best in stage risers, pool stages, outdoor stages, seating risers, fashion show runways, camera and spotlight towers, etc.

All this in its entirety makes Saaz Aur Awaaz the premier event and entertainment organization!

Pyrotechnics & Firework Display

Saaz Aur Awaaz combines the world's finest fireworks with state of the art technology to produce Unrivalled Pyrotechnics Spectaculars in India and abroad thereby making your event a memorable one. Our displays are second to none even in the International market.

Saaz Aur Awaaz creates Pyro special effects for the Film & Entertainment Industry. Bullet Hits, Body fire, Explosions, Smoke, Flames and Simulations, Flash pots to the dazzling Waterfall, Colored Airburst Finales, Saxons, Gerbs, Rockets to suit your requirements.

All this in its entirety makes Saaz Aur Awaaz the premier event and entertainment organization!

TV Video & Multimedia Production

No longer is LIVE entertainment confined to the thousand of people who came for a concert. There were millions who watched these LIVE events on television, they also count thus making TRPs and other related factors significant.

Some of the production services offered are:

  • Large-scale video and multi-media display
  • Broadcast quality video recording
  • Professional audio systems
  • Professional video projection & playback systems
  • Fixed and intelligent lights
  • Conference equipment / networking facilities
  • Telecasting services
  • Online database management

We also Create, Direct & Script events especially for television as per your requirements

Brand Endorsement & Brand Placement

Saaz Aur Awaaz is a leader in matching corporations with Celebrities from all parts of the world for commercial endorsements, personal appearances and Media Events.

Our think tanks keep conceptualizing different creative methods for brands targeting the right market segment.

We Save You Time: We locate, negotiate and deliver your celebrity in much less time than it would take you to do it yourself.

We Save You Money: Talk about negotiating skills instead of "fair market value".

We Find the Right Celebrity for YOU: If we don't have the right Celebrity for you within our current portfolio, we have the contacts to quickly and efficiently find the right Celebrity to fit the profile of your event.

We Find the Right Medium for YOU: We research which medium and what placement will bring your brand the maximum exposure and target the right audience as per your product requirement.

AD Films

Ad Film making is the latest addition to our vast line of resources. Since Ad film making is still new and is still in its infancy, we have a lot to look forward to in terms of achievement and success. It is definitely going to be a long road, but we will prove ourselves as we have always done time and again.


Saaz Aur Awaaz provides every solution to your event management needs. Below are just some of the services we render to our clients.

A few of our prestigious events (UAE)

Saaz Aur Awaaz has been involved in numerous prestigious events ranging from Bollywood awards night, product launches, premiers of Indian movies, and promotions. Below are just a few of the projects we have executed:

Some of our elite clientele (UAE)

Some of Celebrity artistes in our Events (Kuwait)

Saaz Aur Awaaz has been involved in numerous prestigious events ranging from Bollywood awards night, product launches, premiers of Indian movies, and promotions. Below are just a few of the projects we have executed:

Some of our elite clientele (Kuwait & India)

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